Question Answering Research Lab

This site is a resource center for Prof. Eric Jui-Lin Lu at the Department of Ma nagement Information Systems, National Chung Hsing Unversity and his leading res earch lab -- Question Answering Research Lab.

QAwizard (beta)

QAwizard is our first question answering system over linked open data. At this stage, it is still a beta version. You are welcomed to work with us to improve its performance.

本研究室致力於自然語言問答系統的開發,其所使用的知識庫以 DBpedia 為主。目前運用各種機器學習的模式,開發出自然語言問答系統的雛形 QAwizard。未來我們將持續優化這個系統,歡迎有興趣的研究生投入這項研究。